Augmented Reality for Web Developers

Peter O'Shaughnessy


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“Who are you?”

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  1. What is AR?
  2. What we did with it
  3. Wikitude ARchitect
  4. WebRTC
  5. Wrapping up


The Real World. With Added Value.

Hidden Creative: 'The Future of Augmented Reality'
Keiichi Matsuda: 'Augmented (Hyper)Reality'



Location based


Render things at locations

Launch popups / pages

Play multimedia

Geo triggers

Field of view triggers


ARchitect Tools

ARchitect Mobile Viewer

Hello AR


     <meta charset="utf-8"/>
     <title>Hello AR!</title>
     <!-- ARchitect framework - for the phone -->
     <script src="architect://architect.js"></script>
     <!-- ARchitect Desktop Engine - for the desktop -->
     <script src="js/ade.js"></script>


     <!-- Transparent overlay on top of camera view -->
     <h1>Hello AR!</h1>


Looks like this on desktop

Pretty, huh?

Looks like this on mobile

Nearly ready for the app store!

Adding locations

AR.context.onLocationChanged = function(lat, lon, alt, acc) {

  // Add a random point of interest near to the user

  var objectLat = lat + ((Math.random()-0.5) / 1000);

  var objectLong = lon + ((Math.random()-0.5) / 1000);

  var geoLocation = new AR.GeoLocation(objectLat, objectLong);

  var circle = new AR.Circle(5, {style: {fillColor: '#FF0000'}});

  var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(geoLocation,
          {drawables: {cam: circle}});


Looks like this on desktop

Debugger's delight!

Looks like this on mobile

AR at its finest!

Let's add dinosaurs!

 var icon = new AR.imageResource('img/dinosaur.png',
       {onLoaded: loadedIcon});

 function loadedIcon() {

   var drawable = new AR.ImageDrawable(icon, 4,
         {enabled: true, triggers: {onClick: showCafe}});

   var myGeoObject = new AR.GeoObject(myGeoLocation,
         {drawables: {cam: drawable}});


And make 'em noisy

var soundToStream = new AR.Sound('tyrannosaurus-roar.mp3',
        {onError: errorLoadingSound,
         onFinishedPlaying: finishedPlaying});;

var soundToPreload = new AR.Sound('stegosaurus-stomp.mp3',
        {onError: errorLoadingSound,
         onLoaded: readyToPlay,
         onFinishedPlaying: finishedPlaying});


Debugging those dinos


 function finishedPlaying() {'Tada!');

 function errorLoadingSound() {
   AR.logger.error('Uh oh');

“I have a red circle & some dinosaurs...
Let's push it live!”

Decisions decisions...

Uh oh, the native bit!

  @property (nonatomic, retain) WTArchitectView *arView;


  NSString *myWorldURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle]
          pathForResource:@"MyDinoWorld" ofType:@"html"];

  [self.arView loadArchitectWorldFromUrl:myWorldURL]


Post-it note Ping Pong

WebRTC + JSARToolkit
= AR on the Web

Live In-Slides Demo!

To try it out, print out this marker and wave it in front of your webcam!

Sorry, it seems that your browser can't run this demo!

Please try in Google Chrome Dev or Canary with the MediaStream flag enabled.

You will also need to click 'Allow' on the camera prompt.

For more info, see:

Get User Media

  navigator.getUserMedia({video:true}, gotStream);

  function gotStream(stream) {

    // Obtain a blob URL reference to the stream object
    var url = createObjectURL(stream);

    // And feed it into the video element
    video.src = url;


JSARToolkit detector

  // Draw video onto canvas
  canvasContext.drawImage(video, 0, 0, width, height);

  // Raster object reads image data from canvas
  raster = new NyARRgbRaster_Canvas2D(canvas);

  // Detection engine - detects multiple markers
  detector = new FLARMultiIdMarkerDetector(param, mWidth);

  // Gets number of detected markers
  var count = detector.detectMarkerLite(raster, thresh);

  // Get transformation matrix from specific marker
  detector.getTransformMatrix(index, resultMatrix);


WebGL / Three.js

  loader = new THREE.JSONLoader();

  loader.load( 'stegosaurus.js', function(geometry) {

    model = new THREE.Mesh(geometry, material);




Full tutorial @ HTML5 Rocks

A call to ARms

Get Ready. Because...

The Future
will be


And lastly...

Wikitude commercial SDK
20% discount code:
[Sorry - had to be there!]

How many dinosaurs?

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